Tuesday, August 2, 2022


COVID origins? Vaccines? Great Reset? Election fraud? 9/11? JFK coup? RFK pre-coup? Illuminati? UFOs/Roswell? Moon landing? Vietnam POWs? John McCain? Global warming? Vioxx? MH-17? TWA-800? Assassinations: Gen. Patton? FDR? James Forrestal? Thomas Merton? Paul Wellstone? Mossad assassinations? Vince Foster, Seth Rich, & “Clinton Death List”? AIDS coverup? Jeffrey Epstein & DC sexual blackmail? Pizzagate? Mass shootings? Boston Marathon bombing? Orlando massacre? Charlie Hebdo? San Bernardino shooting? Franklin scandal? Biological warfare? Lyme disease? USS Liberty? Sister Lucy? World Wars I & II? Bankers-Bolsheviks? Free energy? Depopulation? Georgia Guidestones? Great replacement? Fiat currency? Smedley Butler? QAnon? Cointelpro? MK-Ultra? Charles Manson? ISIS/alCIA-duh? Birthergate? SealTeam6? Hunter & “The Big Guy”? 
Jan. 6 setup? 

Free and open to the public. Refreshments offered. 
Discussion led by Dr. Kevin Barrett  www.TruthJihad.com
With virtual participation by Ron Unz, Unz.com
Saturday, September 10, 6 to 8 pm

Friday, August 28, 2020

9/11 2020 Event: Remembering 9/11, Reproaching Evildoers

Friday, September 11, Garner Park, 333 S. Rosa Rd., Madison, WI

We will gather at 6 pm on 9/11 2020 to remember 9/11 and reproach the evildoers. Participants are expected to include: Major-party candidates for national office; a 9/11 survivor and eyewitness who has never spoken out before; and a special guest and truth activist from New York City. 

RSVP: TruthJihad(at)gmail[dot]com

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Gilad Atzmon: “Truth, Truthfulness, and Palestine” - May 10 2018, Madison, WI

In a healthy society, truth doesn’t need a movement. In a society with a future, truth is celebrated in the open. In his coming Madison visit, legendary sax-playing philosopher Gilad Atzmon will deconstruct strategies deployed against truth. We will learn how false dichotomies are manufactured and the means that sustain detachment and alienation. Our prime focus will be Palestine and neocon wars. By now we are all Palestinians. According to Gilad, like the Palestinians, we are not allowed to utter the name of our oppressor, nor can we discuss the means that facilitate this oppression. Truth is our first step toward emancipation.   

Thursday, May 10 — Free & Open to the Public  6:30-8 pm (followed by 8 to 10 pm music party featuring hand-made natural-organic gourmet exotic delicacies).  Wil Mar Center, Mendota Room, 953 Jenifer St., Madison WI

NOTE: We have learned of an attempt to censor this event!  New location is the Orton Park Gazebo, 1114 Rutledge St.  Details below.

Wil-Mar Center censors a peace & justice leader.*

Gather this Thursday, 6 pm, sidewalk in front of Wil-Mar Center, 953 Jenifer St., Madison WI ­– Gilad Atzmon event follows at nearby location
Gilad Atzmon’s great grandmother died in the Nazi holocaust.
But the Wil-Mar Center, citing lies about Atzmon’s views on the holocaust in which his great grandmother died, refuses to let him speak. Atzmon’s talk in Madison this Thursday, scheduled for the Wil-Mar Center, was abruptly cancelled less than one week before the event. Wil-Mar Center Executive Director Gary Kallas emailed the organizers stating that Atzmon was censored because he “advocates for a particular type of discrimination visa vie documented views of denying the 20th century Holocaust.”
In fact, Atzmon does not deny any facts about any of the many 20th century holocausts. But he insists that events in the past must be treated in an open scholarly manner as opposed to religion. Atzmon opposes all forms of history laws. He probably prefers to remember his grandmother as a victim of the larger holocaust, World War II—which killed 60 million innocent people—rather than giving her special status because she, unlike more than 50 million other innocent victims of that horrific war, happened to be Jewish.
Atzmon, the celebrated Israeli-born jazz musician and philosopher, left Israel because he was unwilling to participate in the ongoing holocaust of Palestinians. He is aligned with the best Jewish ethics whose slogan is: “Never again—for anybody!”
Please come to Madison this Thursday, May 10, to honor Gilad Atzmon. We will meet between 6 and 6:30 pm at the corner of Jenifer and Brearly Streets, in front of the Wil-Mar Center. Then at 6:30 we will go to a nearby location to hear Gilad’s talk and live music. (Someone will remain in front of the Wil-Mar til 7 pm to guide latecomers to the new location.)  Complimentary hand-made natural-organic gourmet exotic delicacies will be served.
For more information call 608-583-2132 or email kevin@mujca.org

Below is the email exchange in which Gary Kallas announced Wil-Mar’s censorship of Gilad Atzon to an event organizer:

On May 3, 2018, at 4:07 PM, Gary Kallas <garyk@wil-mar.org> wrote:

Hello ***,

Upon further review of your event, we have decided to implement our policy right to cancel the room reservation of Thursday, May 10, 2018 and ask that you please refrain from publicizing the event.

We will return your $30.00 deposit to you in one of two ways, either by mail or you can stop by the center.

We have the following address listed  ***.  Is this accurate?

Or you can stop by the Center located at 953 Jenifer Street, Madison.


Gary Kallas

p.s.  myself, or Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center staffers cc’d can answer any questions.

Gary Kallas
Executive Director
Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
608-257-4576 ext. 10

From: *** 
Sent: Thursday, May 3, 2018 7:49 PM
To: Gary Kallas <garyk@wil-mar.org>
Cc: Beatrice Hadidian <beatrice@wil-mar.org>; Stahcee Hanger <stahcee@wil-mar.org>
Subject: Re: we are reserving our right to cancel next Thursday reservation

And what is the reason?

On May 4, 2018, at 7:38 AM, Gary Kallas <garyk@wil-mar.org> wrote:

Hello ***

We are a small not-for-profit serving the City of Madison Isthmus community but we adhere to governing policies to the best of our abilities. 

Our decision is premised on the following facility use policy:

“Wil-Mar reserves the right to deny and revoke reservations to any group that participates in and supports discrimination, oppression, and/or violence against a person or group based on age, gender, race, religion, political views, health status, orientation, and identity.”

It is the very nature of people to continue learning and enlightened to new information and knowledge. 

In this context, it has come to our organizations’ staff and governing leadership attention that the evening’s speaker advocates for a particular type of discrimination visa vie documented views of denying the 20th century Holocaust.

Hence, the implementation of our policy privilege that states:
“Wil-Mar reserves the right to revoke any individual or group use of the facility at any time. “


Gary Kallas
Executive Director
Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
608-257-4576 ext. 10

From: *** 
Sent: Friday, May 4, 2018 8:46 AM
To: Gary Kallas <garyk@wil-mar.org>
Cc: Beatrice Hadidian <beatrice@wil-mar.org>; Stahcee Hanger <stahcee@wil-mar.org>
Subject: Re: we are reserving our right to cancel next Thursday reservation

Hi Gary,

I think your information is incorrect. None of the organizers of this event have seen any indication that Gilad Atzmon advocates for any kind of discrimination. Otherwise we would not have invited him. Since you are accusing him of very bad things, can you please document them?

On May 4, 2018, at 9:20 AM, Gary Kallas <garyk@wil-mar.org> wrote:

Hi ***,


Gary Kallas
Executive Director
Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
608-257-4576 ext. 10

Sent: Friday, May 4, 2018 11:40 AM
To: Gary Kallas <garyk@wil-mar.org>
Cc: Beatrice Hadidian <beatrice@wil-mar.org>; Stahcee Hanger <stahcee@wil-mar.org>
Subject: Re: we are reserving our right to cancel next Thursday reservation

Hello Gary,
We just spoke with Gilad. He says the ADL and Wikipedia entries are false. Here is his detailed explanation: 

He does not deny the holocaust. He operates music schools in Germany and Austria, which have strict laws against holocaust denial, and he would be charged and imprisoned if he denied the holocaust.

Gilad has been repeatedly honored for his human rights work. He is #5 on this list of peace and justice leaders who exemplify the values of Dr. Martin Luther King: 

He has also earned many honors for his work for Palestinian civil rights. 

He is at (***)***-**** and will be happy to speak with you during the next few hours, or at any convenient time.

Gilad’s email is: ***

Hi ***,

This is not a discussion I seek to engage in.  We do not seek nor is it our role to arbitrate disputes between Wikipedia and Gilad and reserve our right to cancel this meeting.


Gary Kallas
Executive Director
Wil-Mar Neighborhood Center
608-257-4576 ext. 10

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Gilad Atzmon Jazz Jam and Debate Challenge! Mon. and Tues. May 1st and 2nd

We'll meet in UW Memorial Union Rathskeller Tuesday May 2 @ 6:30 - see you there!

Ex-Israeli-Jew Gilad Atzmon may be the world's most controversial critic of political correctness and identity politics. His new book Being in Time: The Post-Political Manifesto SHREDS "progressive" ideology and other sacred cows. To attend this "private" Sifting and Winnowing Club event, to be held Tuesday, May 2nd, 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Memorial Union, email kbarrett(at)merr[dot]com or find me through this event's Facebook listing.   
On your Alt Right, ex-Israeli-Jew Gilad Atzmon, author of Being in Time: A Post-Political Manifesto critiques the left; while on your Islamic universal humanist left, Dr. Kevin Barrett argues that Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn, and Jean-Luc Melenchon are vastly better than Trump, Farage, and Le Pen.

Why is this important? Populism, especially the right-wing nationalist version, is exploding across the West. The Atzmon-Barrett debate will cast much-needed light on this phenomenon. Gilad Atzmon explains why right wing populism is winning and the left deserves to lose. Barrett critiques Atzmon's analysis. Then it’s the audience’s turn.

Also please note that Gilad Atzmon is of Europe's leading jazz musicians, and will be jamming LIVE with Madison's all-improv acid jazz band Abandon Control around 7:30 pm on Monday, May 1st from a private, undisclosed location. You can listen live at http://AbandonControl.com/

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Lethbridge University President Says He Can Fire Tenured Faculty at Will for No Reason

The witch hunt against Professor Tony Hall at the University of Lethbridge just got even weirder. In response to the University of Lethbridge Faculty Association (ULFA)'s statement that the suspension of Professor Hall was illegal, University President Mike Mahon has issued a statement claiming that he has the right to suspend any tenured faculty member without pay, at any time, for any reason, including not liking that professor's political opinions, youtube videos and/or social media posts. No formal charges are necessary, no opportunity to defend oneself is available, and no due process of any kind will be allowed. Mike Mahon is THE DECIDER!

Tenured faculty all over the world just woke up this morning to discover that their tenure means absolutely nothing. I wonder how many will be grabbing torches and pitchforks and heading for Mike Mahon's house.

This letter has to be read to be believed. The alleged legal provision for utterly arbitrary and capricious firing of tenured faculty cited by Mahon is in boldface.

14 October, 2016

Dear University Community,

As many have heard through media reports, I recently took action to
suspend a faculty member, Dr. Anthony Hall, from duties and privileges
without pay.  This action has not been taken lightly, or without serious
consideration, debate and expert legal guidance on appropriate process and
the implications for both the faculty member in question, and our
university community.

As a University we have made every effort to respect the privacy of Dr.
Hall and have told those writing to the University on this issue and to
the media that we cannot comment on issues related to the employment of an
individual with the University.  However, Dr. Hall has chosen to make this
issue very public and share through his social media and online channels,
and with the media itself, partial details of conversations and actions
the University has taken.  The University of Lethbridge Faculty
Association (ULFA) also has chosen to provide commentary direct to the
media on this issue.

In order to ensure that there is accurate information available, I can
share that the suspension of Dr. Hall was done in accordance with section
22(3) of the Post-secondary Learning Act (PSLA) of the Province of
Alberta.  Section 22(3) states that, “Subject to any existing agreement, a
president may, in the president’s discretion, suspend from duty and
privileges any member of the academic staff at the university and shall
forthwith report the president’s action and the reasons for it (a) to the
board, and (b) to the executive committee of the general faculties

Both the Board of Governors and the Executive Committee of the General
Faculties Council were informed of the suspension on October 5, 2016. 
ULFA, in their recent media commentary, has stated that in their opinion
the suspension violates provincial law. As ULFA has been informed, there
is nothing in the existing agreement, the Faculty Handbook, that limits
the ability of the President to act, or would subordinate the PSLA to the
Faculty Handbook.  It is therefore lawful and prudent for the University
to have taken the actions that I have.  While ULFA has a different
interpretation of how to apply the PSLA in this instance, they do have the
option of requesting a judicial review of the use of Section 22(3) to
suspend Dr. Hall.

Again, the decision to suspend Dr. Hall was not made easily or quickly. 
This action is not focused on Dr. Hall’s published scholarship, driven by
complaints of students, or the demands of external advocacy groups.  It is
focused on his YouTube based videos and comments in social media that have
been characterized as being anti-Semitic, supportive of holocaust denial
and engagement in conspiracy theories.  In sharing and communicating his
views such as he has, we have a concern that Dr. Hall has contravened
section 3 of the Alberta Human Rights Act, and that he has created an
environment that is discriminatory for students and his faculty colleagues
whose personal backgrounds, research topics or beliefs are at odds with
Dr. Hall’s stated views.  The University is reviewing Dr. Hall’s online
activities to determine if a complaint to the appropriate Human Rights
tribunal is warranted and justifiable and to determine if a discriminatory
atmosphere has been created by Dr. Hall.

I acknowledge that this issue is distracting for our community, can be
divisive and is bringing uncomfortable attention to our University.  It is
for this reason that I have chosen to write to the community to provide as
much information as I am able.  As always, our goal is to work within the
values of the University, as noted in our Strategic Plan (link below), to
support the communities we serve and create an environment that enables
the success of our students, faculty and staff.


Mike Mahon, Ph.D.
President & Vice-Chancellor

Strategic Plan:

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Barrett-Fetzer reunion event Sat. April 16th

Saturday, April 16th, 10 a.m. - Free and open to the public
Sequoya Public Library, 4340 Tokay Blvd, Madison, WI

Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. James Fetzer discuss their new edited books:

Another French False Flag: Bloody Tracks from Paris to San Bernardino

We Are NOT Charlie Hebdo: Free Thinkers Question the French 9/11

Nobody Died at Sandy Hook

And Nobody Died in Boston Either

Conspiracy theories?
Or false flag facts?

During the 1960s and 1970s, “left-wing terrorists” killed thousands of people in Europe. Or so we were told.

Today, scholars agree that most “left wing terrorism” in Cold War era Europe was part of Operation Gladio, commanded by the Pentagon and  NATO under Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer. Its purpose: Instill fear, discredit the left, and force the public to seek protection by electing right-wing pro-NATO politicians.

Does Operation Gladio continue today? That is what more than 50 leading public intellectuals argue in four new books exposing the roots of false flag terrorism.

Dr. Kevin Barrett and Dr. James Fetzer, editors of four important new books on false flag terrorism, will present their findings.

Saturday, April 16th, 10 a.m.  -  Free and open to the public

   Sequoya Public Library, 4340 Tokay Blvd, Madison, WI