Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Don't miss Oct. 25th event: WHAT HAPPENED TO PAUL WELLSTONE?

Tuesday, October 25th, 2011, 7 pm, 3650 Humanities, 455 N. Park St., University of Wisconsin-Madison. Park in the State St. Campus Garage or under Grainger Hall (access the ramp from Brooks St.)

Dr. James Fetzer will present "What Happened to Sen. Paul Wellstone" on the 9th anniversary of the Senator's tragic death - and his supporters' even more tragic paralysis in the face of an obvious assassination that has grown even more obvious as the evidence has accumulated.

Paul Wellstone was suspicious about 9/11 and dedicated to stopping the impending criminal war on Iraq. Dick Cheney targeted Wellstone for removal from the Senate, hand-picked and lavishly funded neocon opponent Norm Coleman...and when polls showed that Wellstone's anti-Iraq-war position was a hit and voters were going to hand him a landslide victory over Coleman, Cheney delivered a threatening ultimatum that Wellstone ignored. A week later, Wellstone's plane went down. It was no accident.

69% of Minnesotans subsequently blamed Wellstone's political enemies for the apparent assassination. Had there been courageous Democratic leadership willing to risk everything for justice, a revolution might have started in Minnesota, and Bush and Cheney hanged for treason and murder before the war in Iraq even began. Instead, Wellstone's "friends" acquiesced in his murder. Since then, hundreds if not thousands of other Americans have died in political assassinations by the same forces that killed Wellstone; thousands more Americans have died in treasonous, illegal wars; and millions of innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere have been slaughtered...all due to the fecklessness of Wellstone's false friends on the American left: the scumbag pseudo-opposition gatekeepers who cover up the most outrageous crimes of our criminal elite. Obviously we need new leadership - leadership that knows that the second American Revolution is long overdue.

-Kevin Barrett, advisor, U.W. Sifting and Winnowing Club

(The above opinions are those of the author, and not those of the UW or the Sifting and Winnowing Club)


  1. Yup, the Cheney war-machine took SEN Wellstone out b/c they knew he would not roll over for their agenda.

  2. It was the REPUBLICANS who did it. Cheney would not have succeeded unless the Republicans went along with the plan. It was a gigantic Republican conspiracy.

  3. And Senator Cardigan? Two out gave them a Majority. Moral of the Story: Avoid Airplanes if you run for office.

  4. These New World Order bloodthirsty oppressors known as Elite-Zionist/Freemason/Rosicrucians... AKA Luciferians will wake up in hell.